TICO EDGE, is a cloud-based platform that allows the TICO dealer network, customers and the TICO Uptime Center to communicate and collaborate, and have real-time visibility, into individual repair events.
No matter what you use them for, your work depends on terminal tractors. When one goes down, your productivity takes a hit. Getting that tractor back in service kicks off a chain of inefficiencies throughout the repair process, which can prolong the time your tractor is out of service.

This is the reason behind TICO Edge.

TICO Edge is a service relationship management platform that provides real-time service support and complete visibility for everyone involved in the service and repair process. Using TICO Edge, Fleetsource, fleet managers, and service providers can connect directly with the TICO Uptime Center in Ridgeland, SC to address warranty issues, confirm part needs, review repair specification and more.

How it Works

When a vehicle detects a fault, the information is sent from the vehicle to the TICO Uptime center. A case is automatically generated and communicated to a predefined group to trigger a response.

The case will have the type of fault and hundreds of parameters so the service team can begin to diagnose the fault immediately. The service truck can be dispatched prepared with proper parts and tools needed to correct the fault.

TICO Edge notifies the service team of an issue before an operator or supervisor is even aware of a problem, greatly reducing the chain of inefficiencies and down time.

Fleetsource is a Certified TICO EDGE Connect dealer, you assurance of outstanding service.