2024 Tico Pro Spotter

Conquer Your Yard with the 2024 Tico Pro Spotter: Power, Precision, and Performance

The 2024 Tico Pro Spotter is more than just a yard truck – it's a game-changer. This powerhouse is meticulously engineered to dominate even the toughest tasks, delivering unmatched power, precision, and performance to keep your operations running smoothly.


Built for the Long Haul:

  • Rugged 12" x 3" formed structural steel main frame: Reinforced to 37 lb/ft, this heavy-duty frame shrugs off daily wear and tear with ease.
  • Cummins 201HP engine: Experience the surge of 520 lb/ft of torque that tackles heavy trailers and steep grades without breaking a sweat.
  • Allison RDS 3000 Series automatic transmission: Effortless shifting for smooth operation and maximum driver comfort.

Uncompromising Maneuverability:

  • 116" wheelbase with 82" clearance to fifth wheel: Navigate tight spaces and dock trailers with pinpoint accuracy.
  • 20-degree rear frame taper: Say goodbye to trailer hook-up hassles. This ingenious design makes trailer pick-up a breeze.
  • Full-width and height cab protection bar with integrated trailer stops: Work with confidence knowing you're shielded from bumps and scrapes.

Operator Comfort That Boosts Productivity:

  • Tilt steering wheel: Find your perfect driving position for long shifts behind the wheel.
  • Large power driver-side window and curbside combination slide and vent window: Enjoy exceptional ventilation and panoramic views for enhanced situational awareness.
  • LED lighting in the cabin: Stay bright and productive even when the sun goes down.

The 2024 Tico Pro Spotter isn't just a yard truck – it's an investment in your business. It's a statement of power, precision, and a commitment to getting the job done right, every time.

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Additional features to highlight in your product description:

  • Optional front and rear cameras for 360° visibility
  • 5-inch lift cylinders with a 20 GPM engine-mounted pump for rapid lifting
  • Noise and heat dampening system for a quieter, more comfortable cab
  • Heavy-duty 18-inch bolt-on bumper for added protection
  • Multiple customization options to tailor the Pro Spotter to your specific needs